WALL PANEL – hexagon – 5 pieces




Our panels are made of HDF board, 2 cm thick sponges and high quality velvet fabric
resistance to dirt and abrasion. Velvet is an elegant and very pleasant to the touch material. A characteristic feature of a Velvet type fabric is its directionality. Depending on the position, the bristles may be lighter or darker. Therefore, on the back of each panel we have placed an arrow that will facilitate the installation of panels in the right direction. This will avoid undesirable differences in the shade of individual panels after laying the mosaic.
Velvet is not only a stylish fabric, but also very practical, due to the ease of keeping it clean. All dirt can be wiped with a damp cloth, while dust and crumbs can be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Mounting method:

Before sticking, thoroughly degrease the surface on which we will attach the panels.
Each panel has self-adhesive foam tape.
After planning all the elements of the pattern, peel off the protective paper tape, and then glue the panel, pressing it for a moment to the surface.
The steps should be repeated with other panels.
We recommend using a spirit level to glue the mosaic evenly.


Diameter: about 40 cm

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